Accentuate the positive

Here’s the good news:  I cleaned out my purse today and rid myself of old grocery store receipts and half unwrapped sticks of gum.

I also managed to cook a terribly unbalanced dinner of homemade egg rolls and a few cream cheese-filled wontons.  At eight p.m.

But I got my purse cleaned out!  You’ve got to focus on the positive.

Even though it’s a holiday, I had to work, so I was chained to my desk from noon until five, at which point I took my daughter and her friend to a trampoline park.  While I sat in the super uncomfortable seating area (hard wooden stools or hard metal benches), waiting for one of the girls to land on her neck and cause permanent paralysis or death (I signed a waiver, dismissing my rights to sue in that case), I read Unbroken.

But before that.  First things first.  As soon as I sat down, I started to dig in my purse in search of my reading glasses and that’s when I decided to clean it out.

So, my purse was clean.  And I read my book.  Then, finally, it was time to go home and I made homemade, from scratch, egg rolls.  I finished at 8:15 PM, ate, read a little, slept (sort of) and then worked another three hours.

My office is a wreck.  I still don’t have any vegetables in the house.  (Tonight, the girls tried to make pudding . . . but spoiled it by adding some sour milk they found in our “garage fridge.”)  My Christmas decorations are all up and I imagine that it would be inappropriate and perhaps kooky to leave them up until next Christmas, so I need to get them put away.

But at least my purse is tidy!

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