Don’t speak. I can’t. My head is full.*

I realized today that I’m feeling kind of peopled-out.  I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I can only take so much interaction with people before I get crabby and stabby, as they say.  (I know.  Stabby is not a word, but wasn’t it fun how it rhymed?)  And school breaks are those times when . . . it’s just a lot for me.  I love the breaks–sleeping in!  no schedules!–but I am worn out by the constant queries:  “Are we doing anything today?  What’s for dinner?” and the infuriating, “I’m bored.”

Today I took Grace to see “Into the Woods” at a new movie theater.  I bought the tickets with my phone and so even though we were ten minutes late, we went right into the theater and into our reserved seats.  I liked the movie a lot.  Meryl Streep was amazing as usual.

But–and this may be sacrilege–I thought it kind of dragged on a little too long.  And the small children running in and out of the theater may have agreed with me.  That movie was not really awesome for preschoolers, if you ask me.  And there were a fair number of them scurrying around in the dark.

Anyway.  After the movie, a little shopping with my girl, then a box of tacos for my boy at home (who had three friends over all day, starting at 7:30 AM when the first boy’s mom dropped him off on her way to work).  The boys were all starving, according to the text message I received during the movie.  STARVING!

After the taco delivery, it was time for me to work–I’m covering someone’s vacation shifts this week–and when I finished working, it was time to cook dinner (without a plan, without adequate ingredients, etc. . . . my life is one long episode of “Chopped” in which I am working to put together a meal using  seaweed, the left hoof of a young goat, chunky peanut butter and zucchini blossoms).

After dinner, I had just settled in for a long winter’s nap when my phone buzzed.  My co-worker in northern California had just lost power due to a storm.  So, instead of napping, I went back downstairs to work and put in five and a half more hours online.

And now, I’m going to bed.

(And tomorrow, to combat my irritability, I am going to clean out my refrigerator and my purse.  Both are sure-fire ways to make myself feel better.)

*Title taken directly from Judge Judy this week.  I love her.

7 thoughts on “Don’t speak. I can’t. My head is full.*

  1. “my life is one long episode of “Chopped” in which I am working to put together a meal using seaweed, the left hoof of a young goat, chunky peanut butter and zucchini blossoms”. Oh my gosh this made me laugh out loud and practically choke!


  2. Ohmygosh – yes!! Crabby and stabby when around people for too long, and dinner prep at our house is just the same. In all these years I have not mastered the art (science?) of planning ahead – it’s (almost) always catch as catch can. Hope you get some time to yourself soon!


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