A sinister warning

Okay, so I know that Christmas is over. (But isn’t this picture I took at Balboa Park cool? I didn’t realize until after the fact that I’d caught that butterfly fluttering near the tree.)

You’d never know that it’s not Christmas by looking at my house. It’s still fully Christmas-fied. Apparently, those decorations are not going to take themselves down. I guess I’ll be packing Christmas away tomorrow.  My children will mysteriously disappear into their rooms as soon as they hear that bit of news.

Today was a mostly lazy day. My daughter and I had lunch with my husband, rather on the spur of the moment. We met him at the restaurant . . . which led me to a bit of inspiration. After we ate, I sent my daughter home with him and then I went to Barnes & Noble to buy books with a gift card I received from my company. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering through the bookstore, deciding which books to buy with my windfall.

(I’ll post a photo of them tomorrow, for those of you who are curious.)

Also, in case you are wondering . . . yesterday I cleaned out my fridge and replenished it with food purchased from Costco. I was surprised at how crowded Costco was and shocked at how many people shopping in Costco seem to have no knowledge of the number one Costco Shopping Rule:

1) Do NOT stop your cart for no reason in the middle of the walkway.

Doing so is the same thing as hitting your brakes, stopping your car and GETTING OUT ON THE FREEWAY. Knock it off or I’ll have to accidentally bump my fully loaded cart into the backs of your heels.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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