Fruit flies and more!


Okay, look.  I know it’s been awhile since I blogged.  If you saw my office, you might understand that I’m a little swamped by my real life.  In other words, I am surrounded by the Clothes Alps, which is laundry stacked in high enough slopes to warrant a ski lift.

And we currently have company staying in my son’s room.  Relatives from the deep South have come to visit.  They try not to complain about our “cold” weather since it’s been hovering in the mid to low-seventies, but I know they are chilly.  They might also be wondering what we have done with all the mosquitoes and humidity.  We shipped them all to Texas, that’s what.

Anyway, before the company came I was single-handedly devoted to cleaning up this place which involved paying a cleaning crew to clean and paying a carpet cleaner to carpet clean.  Our house looks mighty fine unless you peer into my office, laundry room or garage.  Or the boys’ room or my closets.  Or my pantry.

Last week, Grace had Splash Camp all week.  That required me to limp out of bed at 7:45 AM to deliver her on time.   The boys all have jobs which they enjoy to a greater or lesser degree.  (Some of them to a severely lesser degree, but howdy Son, welcome to adulthood where jobs aren’t always as fun as playing video games!)

I’m starting to have that sinking feeling that summer will blast by in a blaze of lightspeed, leaving me wondering why we didn’t get to the beach more often.

Why haven’t we been to the beach to frolic during the day yet?

(See:  Splash Camp, work, visitors, etc.)

Oh, now, if you’re still here, let me tell you how to eliminate fruit flies  the easiest way possible.

Get yourself a little bowl or ramekin or something to hold about 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar.  (Not white.  That won’t work.)

Add a drop of dish soap.

Swish it around with your finger.  (Or be fancy and use a spoon.)

Place the container near your fruit fly community and watch them dive into the vinegar/soap mixture.

BOOM!  You’re a fruit fly killer!

(You’re welcome.)


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