And that about sums it up

Today, after driving two of my sons to work, I went to a community garage sale with my daughter.  We wandered around the gated community in the sunshine, peering at items displayed on tables, chatting with friendly sellers.

Then I spotted a replacement Crock-Pot.  I actually own two of these Crock-Pots but one of the lids shattered on my tile floor and the other lid lost its handle.

Anyway.  The new-to-me Crock-Pot was five bucks.  I could not be more thrilled.

Well, I could be more thrilled, because after buying a couple other things, I came across a lush desk chair sitting in someone’s driveway.  “Are you selling the chair?” I called to the woman in the garage and she said, “Yes.”  And that’s how I came to own a La-Z-Boy Horizon High Back Leather Executive Chair for twenty bucks.  (Current retail price is . . . WHAT?  I just looked it up . . . $829.00?  How can this be?)

Anyway, it was an exciting day for me.  A new-to-me Crockpot and a new-to-me desk chair.

Add a lunch with my husband and daughter, an afternoon nap and some time to read and it equals a fine Saturday indeed.

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