Happy, happy, happy

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to Disneyland with our friend.


One of the things I love about having annual passes is that we go frequently enough that I can see the flowers change regularly.  These Cosmos are lovely.

Some of the decorations for Independence Day are up as well:


I slept less than four hours Sunday night but managed to get up at 6 AM.  We planned to get to the park early enough to beat the crowds.  I woke up my 11-year old at 6:08 AM.  She spoke to me so I know she was awake, but when I left my bedroom at 6:45 AM, I noticed the house was strangely still.  That’s when I discovered her sprawled on her bed, sound asleep.

So, we were slightly later than we wanted to be but we still arrived before 9 AM.  And weirdly enough, we found the lines short and we were able to enjoy many of the attractions.


(It’s always fun to see Minnie Mouse.)

Amazingly enough, we stayed almost until the park closed.  We saw the parade, the fireworks and the Fantasmic show.  We walked almost 19,000 steps, the equivalent of about 9 miles, I think.  We had about as much fun as you can have at Disneyland.  Any more fun than that might have killed us.

As it was, we all kind of hobbled to the car and moaned about our feet.

And that concludes our Disneyland adventure for this school year.  (Our passes are blocked out until August 18.)

It was a happy day indeed.




2 thoughts on “Happy, happy, happy

  1. You are brave. I would think that time of the morning would put you in line with all the going-to-work traffic. Glad you are young – and spry – enough to enjoy. And hope you take gobs of pictures of your daughter as she enjoys it all – for later, which will come before you want it to.

    August 18 will be arriving any minute now. Enjoy.

    And in the meantime, there’s still the beach.


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