Sunset, sunset

Green wave and distant beam of sunlight.
Green wave and distant beam of sunlight.

I love the many ocean moods. The moody skies hung over green waves the other night.

And tonight, hazy light and distant surfers as the sun set.

Sunset, sand, surfers.
Sunset, sand, surfers.

Now, I’m ready for the weekend.

One thought on “Sunset, sunset

  1. Beautiful pictures. But that rolling water looks cold. Do you ever go out in it, I wonder. I know your daughter loves it………………

    As I sat by our beach up here the other afternoon, my thoughts turned to the massive amounts of water that roll in – and out. I thought about all the fishies and other life that lives in it, and how they can determine where they are, where they were, and what to do next. Complex world our God created. He wants us to enjoy – happy to read that you take time to do that.



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