The kids have a whole week without school.  I am super excited by this because my daughter does school at home and that means I do school at home and frankly, I’m tired of fractions.  Well, actually, I love working with fractions but it’s agony helping someone else who is 11-years old work with fractions.  I’m tired of school at home in general.

I’m mostly excited though because I had fooled myself into thinking I could sleep in this week but already that fantasy has disintegrated.  Tomorrow my daughter is going ice-skating with a friend.  I have to wake up somewhat early and deliver her by 9:45 AM.

Then on Tuesday, we’re going to Disneyland and, as is our habit, we plan to be there when it opens–at about 8 AM.  That means we’ll be leaving by 7 AM (at least) and since the park closes at midnight, we will probably stay until midnight because we are party animals.  (And by “we”, I mean my 15-year old, his friend, my 11-year old and me.)  I will catch up on my sleep when I’m living in a nursing home.

That brings us to Wednesday.  I might be sleeping in that day!

Thursday . . . cooking.

Friday . . . sleeping?  Well, see, now it seems better, like I might be sleeping in at some point this week.


Today I bought my turkey and ingredients to bake four pies because pie consensus does not exist in my family.  Weirdly, there weren’t all that meany people grocery shopping at Ralph’s.  Maybe they were all at Costco buying pre-made pumpkin pies.

At my house there will be a 2/3 ratio of pies to people.  (If my fractions are correct.  I cannot guarantee that.)

Coconut cream.



S’mores.  (Sort of.  It’s a long story but the pie involves marshmallows, chopped up Hershey’s bars, cream, and a graham cracker crust.)

Mmmmm.  Pie.

2 thoughts on “3.14159

  1. I could help eat three of those pies. I overdosed on pecan pie when I was a starving Bible School student working as a dishwasher at a bakery – and got to take home leftover pecan pies. Yummy then when there was no other food around – but have never wanted any since then.


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