No-Soccer Saturday

I slept in.

I walked the dog.

I took my daughter to lunch at Rubio’s.

I dropped off my daughter and picked up my husband and son.

We dropped off our son at work.

We went to a movie.  (Captain Phillips, very good.)

We bought cupcakes.

Every place I drove today, I noticed how beautiful the clouds were.  They were the type of clouds artists paint.  And when we were heading home from the movie, I noticed the sun sliding down the sky in a patchwork of clouds.  I suspected the sunset would be beautiful.

I told my husband that I wanted to go see the sunset.

So we dropped off cupcakes, picked up our daughter and raced to the beach.

The rest of this story can be told in photos.





No-Soccer Saturday

2 thoughts on “No-Soccer Saturday

  1. Esther Johnson says:

    I love sunsets mainly on days when there are clouds. Came out of a store Saturday just in time to see pink clouds – and orange. Can’t blink, though – the sky tends to change very rapidly at sunset time.

    Love your photos. Thanks for sharing.


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