We are heading to Disneyland tomorrow.  We live only a little more than an hour from the Happiest Place on Earth and furthermore, we get to drive in the carpool lane almost the whole way there.

I’ll be back with a fresh collection of photos.

We plan to leave at 7 AM and stay until the park closes at midnight.

I have packed ibuprofen and will be wearing sensible shoes (hot pink running shoes though I do not run unless being chased by snarling pumas). I’m bringing protein bars for my daughter who will be starving as soon as we get there and a bottle of water because she’ll be dying of thirst.

Now, though, I am rushing to bed so I can get almost-enough sleep to last through the whole day of fun and frivolity.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrowland

  1. “and stay until the park closes at midnight when the park closes”. I love redundancy!! (Just giving you a hard time! lol) You live as close to Disney as we live to a Six Flags – if that can even be a comparison~have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. I live close to Six Flags..but of course it is “fall-winter” in the midwest so it is closed!
    have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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