Hurry, hurry, hurry

I would like to have a word with the genius who sets the timers for traffic lights.  I need to know why it makes any sense for the traffic light at this block to be green while the traffic light a block ahead is red.  This causes us to sit at a green light because there is no where to go because a block ahead, the light is red.

Dear Genius Who Sets the Timers for Traffic Lights:

You are causing me to lose my cool in front of my 11-year old daughter who pointed out that I seem to have come down with an itchy case of Road Rage.  Please reconsider how you have the lights set up because as they are now, nothing makes sense.  It shouldn’t take me ten minutes to get through a couple of intersections.

Love, Mel


In related news, I spent an hour and a half picking up my son from school (a mere 19 miles away) and then dropping off my daughter at someone’s house and then returning home.  I stopped by Albertson’s on the way home to pick up a few ingredients to make dinner.

And then, twenty minutes later, when I had dinner underway, I realized I had no milk–a crucial ingredient–and so I had to grab my purse and keys so I could drive to Ralph’s for two gallons of milk.  My boys drink so much milk, it’s ridiculous and I never know when we’re out because I promise you, I just bought two gallons a minute ago.

The good news is that I can drive to Ralph’s, buy milk and return home all within ten minutes, but only because there are no traffic lights between here and there.


Earlier today, I thought I had an idea for a blog post, but as you can see, all I did today (besides working) was drive around and yell at other drivers, so I’ve got pretty much nothing.  And if you were one of the people near me stopped at a green light or dilly-dallying after the light turned green or trying to merge AHEAD of me even though the merge sign for the lane closure was a quarter mile back . . . well, yes, I was giving you dirty looks.  I’m in a hurry, people!



2 thoughts on “Hurry, hurry, hurry

  1. I am as slow as a turtle…people pass me all the time and they give me dirty looks, gestures…not by you ha ha…i am in the midwest!


  2. This post reminded me of the day when it took me almost an hour to get home from the store – a mere 4 miles away. Took me half an hour to go 2 blocks – simply because of the way the lights are set.

    It is no fun. The day I was stuck, I was just happy I did not have a child in the car with me, nor did I have an appointment to be someplace. Also – I did not have to go to the bathroom. In any of those cases, this would have been much worse than simply trying to get through a series of green lights.


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