Untitled due to fatigue

I’m tired.  That may be the phrase I’ve said most frequently over the course of my lifetime.  Though, “close the door!’ and “stop making that noise!” and “did you brush your teeth” probably come close.

I’ve just finished an eight hour shift at my desk.  Usually I work split shifts but tonight I was covering another employee’s shift, so I’ve been here since 5 PM.  I can’t stop yawning.

Since I didn’t start working  until 5 PM and my daughter was at school from 9:30 AM until 1 PM, I had some unexpected child-free and work-free time.

My first impulse was to find a movie I want to see but nothing fit my criteria (good movie at perfectly convenient time).  Instead, I headed to thrift store where I found a few things, most notably a Mickey Mouse Santa hat from Disneyland.  Last year when we were at Disneyland at Christmas-time, my daughter wanted one of those hats but we waited too long and couldn’t find one.  So I was excited to find one at the thrift store for only a tenth of the original price.

I stopped by the beach before I headed to pick up my daughter from class.  Clouds blanketed the sky but I find the ocean beautiful in any sort of weather.  I snapped a few photos with my iPhone and then hurried to the school.


Later–but not much later–I picked up my son from his school, an ordeal that takes a minimum of forty minutes.  I had enough time for a quick nap and then it was time to start working.

Which brings us full circle.

And now that we’ve circled around, it’s time to sleep.



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