We’re expecting company. Now, where are all the forks?

I’d really like to know.  Where are all the forks?

All the dishes were washed.  And yet, I only had five decent forks.  Oh, sure, reject forks abound, but what happened to the normal forks?

What?  You don’t have reject forks?  We have a drawer full of reject silverware.  This is cheap silverware left in the house by the previous owners.  I bagged up most of it but somehow, for reasons that are no longer clear to me, I left a sizable collection of random, cheap silverware in the silverware drawer, next to the matching silverware.

I will not use a reject fork, but my kids have no such qualms.  Listen, I have standards.  I will not scoop food into my mouth with a weird fork.

Possibly, I have “issues.”

Anyway, tonight I finished washing dishes and discovered a grand total of five normal forks.  This was a problem because I was expecting ten people at dinner–six are my own clan, so that’s really only four extra people.  Still.  Not enough decent forks.

I sent the children on a search for forks.  Two more forks showed up.

So, we used some of the small normal forks to supplement the regular normal forks.

But I’d really like to know.  Where are all the forks?  Did I ever have more than six in the first place?

And furthermore, did the dish run away with the spoon?



4 thoughts on “We’re expecting company. Now, where are all the forks?

  1. as weird as it sounds, yes when my girls were home, i couldn’t keep forks or spoons…i swear they threw them away!
    i won’t use a fork if it only has 3 points…it just isn’t right in my world…and we have some of them at work…weird just weird ha ha!!


  2. I have the same problem with forks.. it used to be with spoons too. When it was spoons I found a small yogurt container in the garbage with a spoon in it.. but that has stopped now and doesn’t explain the fork shortage. I just ordered a dozen forks from Amazon and threw out the misfit forks.. much happier now 🙂


  3. My son will not eat from a weird fork. In fact, several weeks ago he removed the forks he didn’t like, and they got put in one of the boxes of things to get rid of.

    While I admire a beautiful table setting (mostly in magazines), for me, the most important thing is simply having some food on a plate and some way to get it to my mouth. I’m easy to please.


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