Two years ago, I forced my kids to go to the beach at sunset to be photographed for my Christmas cards.

They were not thrilled.  The oldest boys do not enjoy the beach (weird) and they do not enjoy having their photos taken.

However, I found the entire experience hilarious.  I wanted them to all jump at the same time, but that seemed impossible. I laughed and laughed at their attempts.

But finally–after many failed attempts–this happened.  Close enough.


I know Thanksgiving is coming because people keep asking me about what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.  I explain that we’re spending the day at home and that I’m cooking everything and then I remember again that I probably should get myself to the grocery store to buy a turkey and other stuff.  I am not ready.

I’m just too busy driving my kids here and there in my free time.  (Tomorrow:  Daughter to class at 8:45.  Son to work by 9.  Work at 10.  Pick up daughter at noon.  Work again until 3.  Interrupt work to pick up original son from work at 2.  Pick up youngest son from school at 3:20.  Drop off other son at work at 4:30.  It’s really getting ridiculous.)

All I really want to do is lie in bed and read.  Who knew that I was living my dream when I was fourteen years old, wishing I could do something besides lie in my bed and read ?

4 thoughts on “Reminisce

  1. love the picture. i have 7 grandchildren and have wanted a picture of all of them together…okay that alone is hard getting them all together at once…but the faces they make! one will be fine that other has their tongue stuck out or they give another child bunny ears…good grief…i just gave up!!
    i am blessed with going to someone else house for Thanksgiving…but i do have to take a cooked turkey breast. i finally purchased it last night and is the fridge thawing.


  2. That is one cool picture! I now remember when I started reading your blog. (referred by a comment you made on someone else’s blog that we both read – no idea which one!) It was Thanksgiving, and you posted a picture of your (approx. 3 year old) daughter standing on a chair by the stove stirring something. I just remember how cute she was and how much I enjoyed reading the things you posted! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mel!


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