Long day

I am extremely tired.  We woke up extra early this morning so we (Grace and I) could go on a field trip to Sea World.  Once we arrived, we stood in a line for thirty minutes before being admitted.  (That’s the price you pay for going on an inexpensive field trip–you have to be patient.)

After we finished with the sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and more, we had lunch in Del Mar.  Afterward, I took my daughter home and then turned around and retraced my steps (sort of) and had a hair appointment.

I really like the new stylist I found.  However, when I asked her to cut my very long hair to my collarbone, she . . . cut it to my chin.  That’s a good three inches shorter than I intended, which, okay, fine, it’s just hair, but why in the world do I keep ending up with this same cut no matter how hard I try to avoid it?  I am either a really bad communicator or somehow I keep asking for the very thing I do not want.  I don’t know.

Anyway, somewhere between here and there, I got an email from someone that was fairly upsetting.  It’s nothing you can really imagine and it’s not from anyone you’d think . . . but that’s about all I can say.  It kind of ruined the rest of my day.  I’m hoping I’ll feel better about the whole thing tomorrow.  It’s amazing how a good night’s sleep can soften the sharp edges of a difficult situation (she says with hope).

Then it was time to throw together a quick dinner so I could drive one kid to piano lessons and one kid to AWANA.  Throw in a quick viewing of Survivor and three hours of work and now it’s time for bed.

And in case you were wondering, a dolphin feels like smooth soft cold rubber.  At least that’s how the dolphin I touched today felt.

2 thoughts on “Long day

  1. I got a phone call that kept me awake half the nght, then gave me bad dreams.
    People try to help, and just dig a pit in front of you. How domthey manage to do it?


  2. Picture of the new hair cut? You have such a beautiful head of hair – it still must look nice.

    Sorry for the upsetting e-mail. Why do people not re-read Philippians 4:8 before opening mouth/writing/typing? Beats me.


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