Good vibrations

Three of my kids have cell phones.  They’ve had them for years now.

Yet, half the time when I try to reach them by telephone or text, I get no answer. Do you know why?

I’ll tell you.

It’s because they all keep their phones on “vibrate” only.  This is excellent when you’re holding your phone in your hand or perhaps when you are concentrating on your pants pocket and can feel the buzz of the vibration.

However, if you are more than three feet from your phone, you will not hear it vibrate.

What’s up with using that setting?  I’ve noticed my kids’ friends have the same thing happening . . . no ring tones, only vibrations.  We went to pick up one of their friends the other day and seven phone calls and five texts went unanswered.  Seriously. It’s weird.

Also weird is when you are with someone who goes into a trance every five minutes, reaches for their silent cell phone, texts a few words and then tucks the cell phone away, all without a sound.

* * *

In other news, I inadvertently wore slippers to Costco today.  I didn’t mean to, but after I picked up my son from school, he reminded me of something he urgently needed from Costco.  I was wearing my moccasin-style slippers and I just pretended I was wearing super comfortable shoes.

I doubt anyone noticed, of course.  Around here–maybe everywhere in America now–people wear their pajamas to stores.  I’ve seen a polar bear fleece pajama pant, flannel pajama pants, obvious pink pajama pants.  That is a line I just won’t cross.  Slippers, maybe.  Pajamas at WalMart?  Uh, no.

So tell me.  Do you keep your phone on vibrate?  Do you wear pajamas in public?

4 thoughts on “Good vibrations

  1. Only in the library because they don’t allow cell phones there. And I’ll wear my bathrobe to go out and get the paper or water the yard early in the morning…maybe take the garbage out. I’m barefoot 99% of the time…does that count? 🙂


  2. my phone is only on vibrate when it needs to be, library, church, meeting etc.
    i am an old women…old women should never go out in public without proper attire! Period!!!
    I don’t even feel comfortable on the patio in pj’s…even tho it is very private…what if someone came around the back of my place…well it would be very uncomfortable. they would scream…MY EYES…MY EYES!!!
    kids today…someday you will be old too..and hopefully fully dressed.


  3. When my phone (accidently mostly, because I don’t know how to do such things) is on vibrate and it is near me, it’s shaking scares me and I jump. So, I like it to ring. Please. Call. Me.

    I love being comfortable, so on days when I think I want a coke but there isn’t any in the house, I will drive to a fast food place in my cute black pajamas and hard soled slippers just to get a coke, even though it might be cheaper to go to the store and stock up on such necessary food items. I put on a sweater and figure no one would ever know – unless my car were in an accident and I had to get out of the car – but even then, if the accident were serious enough to warrant my going to the hospital, they wouldn’t have to undress me. So, there is good and there is bad to that idea.


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