Actual unretouched photos (taken with my iPhone 4!)

I said  yesterday I’d post pictures today . . . and despite my technical difficulties, I’ve kept my promise.

On Wednesday, my daughter and I went to Sea World on a school field trip.  We loved the sea lions and found it very amusing to feed them a little tray of fish (which cost $5!).  The birds were extremely aggressive while the sea lions were just obnoxious and demanding and adorable.

Thursday night, I had a follow-up hair appointment so the stylist could make a few snips to fix my crazy hair.  We were traveling down the Coast Highway and the sun to our right was sliding down the sky and I handed my phone back to my daughter and asked her to look up what time the sun would set.  (There’s an app for that, you know.)

She reported it was to set at 4:51 PM.  My appointment was at 5:00 PM.  So, over the objections of my daughter who thinks I have enough photos of sunsets here in Southern California, I pulled into the parking lot and we spent ten minutes watching the sunset.

The beach was still and calm without even a breeze.  What an amazing ten minutes.


And then it was time to drive down the road.

After the hair appointment, on to the soccer field.  It’s so weird to drop her off at soccer practice when it’s completely dark out, but the soccer fields are well-lit and full of soccer players.

And now, time to sleep so we can be at the soccer field in seven and a half hours.

One thought on “Actual unretouched photos (taken with my iPhone 4!)

  1. That animal looks more like an otter than a sea lion, to me. I wonder if it is a pup, or whatever the young are called.

    That sunset is awesome, as always. You are rich in opportunity.


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