My kitchen knives haven’t been professionally sharpened since I took them to the mall in Bellingham in 1991.  I wish I were kidding.

Sure, I have a home sharpener which I occasionally pull out of its hiding spot, but those knives are dull.

If I need to cut open a lime, for instance, first I have to stab the lime with the point of the knife so I can push the blade through.

One of my 19-year old sons has been begging me to get the knives sharpened.  He looked online and found a shop with raving reviews and sent me the link.  That was several months ago.

Finally yesterday I found myself with a few free hours.  I decided to deliver the knives to the shop so they could be sharpened.

I put the address into my GPS, drove ten minutes and . . . found myself in a residential neighborhood.  Was the knife sharpener guy working out of his garage?  I don’t know but I was not comfortable with the idea of knocking on a stranger’s door with a bag full of knives, asking for help.

So I used my phone and found another knife sharpening shop, entered the address into my GPS, drove ten more minutes and . . . found myself in another residential area.

At that point, I posted on Facebook (from my phone) asking local people if they knew of a place to get knives sharpened.

As it turned out, my next-door neighbor left a Facebook comment and told me that a knife-sharpening guy is at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday.  So I guess that’s where I’ll be on Saturday.

How funny, though, that all this technology–Google, my iPhone, my GPS–led me to my next-door neighbor.  Next time I’ll just go into my backyard and shout over the fence.

6 thoughts on “Dull

  1. With having to depend so much on the GPS when we moved here to Michigan and when my husband is traveling for work, MOST of the time it’s been accurate. But when it decides to take a nap in the middle of navigation or play a funny one on us and lead us to the middle of nowhere…that’s when the temptation to throw it in the nearest body of water becomes quite a temptation! We actually have two…one for his travels and one I have in my car when I’m out and about and don’t have a clue where I’m headed. That doesn’t happen here where I live any more, but if I venture out a few miles I’m hopelessly lost without it. I’m getting better, but it took me a LONG time to figure out the freeway system around here. The worst thing is never knowing when I might inadvertently be heading into a bad area…and there are many of those, the closer we come to Detroit. I’m so THANKFUL the Metro Detroit Airport is on this side of the city and way at the southern end! It’s about a 15 mile drive almost straight South from our house. I have spent so much time taking him there and picking him up. I shudder to think if it was on the east side.


  2. I love how this ended up! But you (or your son) prompted me to do my own Google search for knife sharpening (slicing a tomato in our house ends up looking more like crushed tomato by the time we are done) and the first place that came up is in an industrial area. Prices are even listed and it’s way more reasonable than I thought! Definitely going to be taking care of my knives this week!


  3. Oh how I wish that knife sharpener would come to our farmer’s market. I bought my knives in 1977 and have NEVER had them sharpened. My children are appalled. Recently I’ve noticed that the dollar knives at the local thrift store are sharper than any of mine. Which kind of scares me on an entirely different level.


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