My friend Barbara Curtis of went to heaven


UPDATE: Her husband wrote a tribute to Barbara on her blog and describes her last day.  See here.

* * *

In 2005, Barbara Curtis started her blog,  I commented on her very first post here.

Within a couple of weeks, she sent me an email and we began to establish a friendship.  She thought I was funny, encouraged me to write and made me laugh.  I loved her immediately–her honesty, her colorful background, her no-nonsense attitude.  That same year, she mentioned a writer’s conference at Mt. Hermon.

Two years later, I finally made it to that conference and met her.  We hung out and talked and sat side by side, blogging.

She taught me a lot.  (She helped me connect with the editor at Christian Science Monitor who published my article mentioned in the right sidebar).  She knew so much about everything: raising children, writing articles and books, movies, politics, history, music . . .

I never could imagine how she accomplished so much in each day.  She had twelve children, a bunch of grandchildren, a husband she was devoted to, a super-busy (mostly) political blog.  She wrote a stack of books, including one she just finished writing in September. She wrote articles for magazines and just last week went to World Journalism Institute to learn more about writing. Did I mention that  her four youngest sons have Down Syndrome–and three of them were adopted?  Once while channel-surfing, I saw her on a news program, commenting on some political issue.  She was devoted to the pro-life movement and practiced what she preached.

She was my friend, an encourager and an example. She made me laugh and she made me think.  She was a good listener.

On Sunday, she has a fatal stroke.  She died earlier today.

I am so sad.

I will miss her.

We talked about going back to Mt. Hermon last Spring . . . she said this, “I will be there next year and we will visit the ocean again!!!!”

But we never made it.

My heart goes out to her family.

10 thoughts on “My friend Barbara Curtis of went to heaven

  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend, Mel. As we’re approaching 60 we’re losing more and more of them all the time and it’s not easy. It sounds like she’s left quite a legacy behind her. My prayers are with her family…and you!


  2. Sounds like your friend was totally fulfilled. And now, she is at rest. Her family will miss her, but one by one, Heaven is being populated. Soon, we will all live in the same City!

    Enjoy your memories.


  3. I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I have appreciated your writing over the years. I don’t stop by as regularly as I used to but I do think of you and your family. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing of your life with others.

    Ouida Gabriel


  4. Hello – It’s been over 3 years since Barbara’s passing. I just recently got my hands on this little gem of work this inspiring woman wrote during her life, Mommy Teach Me! I’m not sure anyone will read this or reply but thought I’d give it a shot. Does anyone know what happened to her website MommyLife & MommyTeachMe? I’m guessing they were shut down after her passing but hoping maybe the wealth of info they offered was transferred to another site. Just curious if anyone could say. Thanks!


    1. Hi – I think her husband kept the website up for 3 years but it was closed down this year. I don’t know that it’s been transferred anywhere. You could try sending a note to her husband (Tripp Curtis) through Facebook.


      1. Melodee – Thank you so much for your quick reply! I can only imagine what an undertaking that was for him, on top of caring for the younger children with special needs. Our 4th son has Down Syndrome, so can somewhat identify. I would really appreciate the opportunity to get in touch with him but do not have a Facebook account. If you would feel led, please pass my e-mail address on to him – ramblinH at outlook dot com. Getting the chance to connect with a family that has used Montessori with their special needs children would mean so much. There are so few of us trying to go about it “alternatively”. Any help you can give would be appreciated but also understand the need to protect your friend’s privacy. I will let you discern that and be content with your decision. Thanks, Kendra 🙂


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