I’m tired.

If my life were a treadmill, I would definitely push the button to slow it down.  I would, in fact, abandon the treadmill and find a comfortable couch where I could curl up and read until I fell asleep.  (This also describes why I really need a personal trainer because when the going gets tough, I prefer to get off the treadmill.)

If I were a juggler, this would be the moment when all the balls (or flaming torches) would tumble to the ground (and set me on fire?).  And so on and so forth.

So, yeah.  That’s how things have been around here.

Yesterday, I sat on my bed for ten minutes between soccer practice and an evening meeting.  The rest of the day I was in a frantic whirlwind of obligations.  (Walk the dog. Work.  Soccer practice. Procure dinner. Meeting. Work.)   But when I put it that way, it sounds serene, my day.

I don’t feel serene.

I feel obligated and tense and boring.

Today, I woke up and walked the dog.  Walking the dog for thirty minutes each morning has become essential.  That bit of exercise changes her attitude dramatically and really, unless I want a Tasmanian devil jumping at my throat, I dare not skip the walk.

Then I worked my five-hour shift.

After work, I took the dog and the girl to the pet store to buy a . . . dog birthday cake.  Don’t judge.

Back home, I started cooking dinner.  Finished cooking and eating dinner and only a few minutes later, it was time to deliver my daughter to AWANA at church.  The sky turned all shades of cottony pink as we drove so as soon as I dropped her off, I rushed to the beach and practically ran down the stairs to see the colored sky.


I took dozens of photos with my iPhone until the sky darkened and the moon brightened and then I climbed back into the car and returned home where I watched Survivor and then worked another three hours and wrote this blog post and yawned and yawned and yawned.

As I said, I’m tired.  But the sunset was absolutely glorious and the cold sand beneath my toes and the curling, crashing waves felt like a promise.

6 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Gorgeous photos! And at the age of 58 my life has slowed down enough…temporarily…where my husband insists I take some time to write the book that’s always been inside me. I love that man.


  2. I know what you mean. With the kids older I am waaaayyy busier than when they were little. How come I was never told about this???? It’s all good though. Beautiful pictures. I make everyone run outside to see a beautiful sunset. Made my heart leap when my oldest daughter dragged all the other kids out of the hours to see a sunset, one day when I was not home. Unfortunately I don’t have the beach view , but still……


  3. Oh, a fellow Survivor fan! What do you think about this season’s cast? I really like Lisa and hope she does well – but right now seems to be flying under the radar. I also like Denise and Malcolm….thoughts?


    1. I love Survivor! I’ve never missed a season and seldom miss an episode! I am a big fan of Denise and Malcolm and I hope that Lisa does well, too. I really would love to see Denise win. She’s amazing.


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