My Blog’s Birthday is Today!


I started writing this blog on October 11, 2003.

Nine years later, here were are.

[Insert actual thoughtful blog post here.]

Help yourself to a (pretend) cupcake.  I made them myself.

4 thoughts on “My Blog’s Birthday is Today!

  1. Your cupcake box is a give-away as to the homemade cupcakes – – – much like the paper doilie underneath the Safeway birthday cake was a give-away as to your mother’s homemade birthday cake!

    It’s funny to see you are following your mother’s example!



  2. Happy blog birthday! I always find it amazing when I realize just how long I have been doing something. For example, I recently passed my 5 year anniversary of digital scrapbooking. Really? That long already?

    So anyway – happy happy to you! Glad you stuck around because I enjoy reading here.


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