No time for words.

This weekend, I went to Idyllwild for a retreat.  Several women told me, “I read your blog!”  So, hello to you-know-who-you-are!

I stopped several times on the drive down the mountain to take photos.


As I predicted, the second I got home, I jumped back into the fray.

Despite my fatigue, on Monday I took Grace to Disneyland, mainly so we could experience Halloween time there.


Unfortunately, because it was Columbus Day, it was quite crowded, but we still had fun.  Her new favorite ride is Grizzly River Run, which leads me to the best eight bucks I’ve ever spent at Disneyland . . . I bought a rain poncho and stayed basically dry on all three times we rode the River Run.

We left at about 7:20 PM, and I had time for a twenty minute nap before working at 9 PM.

And that’s why I don’t have time for a real blog post.

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