Where I’ve been lately [featuring bonus picture of a swimming hippo]

A week ago, I went to bed at 3 a.m. only to crawl back out of bed at 4:30 a.m. so I could be in the car, heading to the airport by 5:30 a.m.

My husband and I were heading to Orlando, Florida, for an early celebration of our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  We planned to fly on separate planes–JUST IN CASE–and my plane left was scheduled to depart at 7:45 a.m.

And . . . this was shocking . . .there was absolutely no line at the security checkpoint.

Of course, that did me no good since I was at the wrong terminal.  Apparently, when you fly to Los Angeles, you fly on a commuter airplane which is at a different terminal.  I stood on the curb, waiting for the bus, hoping for the best.

I caught the flight.  I dozed on the airplane.  I switched flights in Los Angeles and arrived in Orlando, about an hour before my husband.  I was sitting on the shuttle bus to Disney World when he texted me that he’d arrived.

By Thursday evening we were in Epcot riding a few attractions before heading back to our hotel restaurant for a late dinner.

We spent the next forty-eight hours walking miles in the Florida humidity, taking in as many Disney attractions as we could–first the Animal Kingdom, then Epcot, then the Magic Kingdom.  I came home on Sunday with blisters and he stayed on for a few more days for church business meetings.  It was fun but so strange to be there without kids.  I can’t remember the last time we went anywhere without kids for more than a few hours.

I took this picture of a hippo swimming by.  It amuses me.











Since my return home on Sunday night, I’ve been working frantically to catch up on the work I left here at home.  And I’ve been trying to nap as much as possible.  I’ve had a cold for two weeks and I’m just now getting over the cough.

The plumbing under the kitchen sink sprang a mysterious leak in my absence.

On the plane home, I read half of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I wonder when I’ll get around to reading again.

My 13-year old son has been on a school study trip to the East Coast since January 29.  He will arrive home on Thursday night.  He sent me a postcard with a note written in pig-latin and a few random texts.  This is the longest he’s ever been away from home.

Tomorrow morning my husband returns home at 11:20 a.m.  Which is great, except for the fact that just tonight I checked the flight schedule and realize that I have a big problem.  My daughter has class tomorrow–and will be out at noon–and my husband must be picked up at the airport at 11:20 a.m.  And I can’t be in two places at once and it’s too late to call anyone for help.

So . . . uh, wish me luck.

I’ve never felt more like I’m running on a treadmill with the speed turned up too fast than I have lately.

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve been lately [featuring bonus picture of a swimming hippo]

  1. Your life exhausts me…and I’m only reading about it! But I’m not too far behind you on that treadmill. Keeping up with Kindergarten schedules and long work days…I feel like I’m treading water.


  2. Just wanted you to know I’ve missed you here. I know you are sleep-deprived. I know you are busy. I know you are stressed out. But, I love reading about your busy life. Makes my somewhat dreary, boring life almost seem good.


  3. Loved the pic of the hippo. He makes me smile too.
    My days are strangely similar to yours. We could turn it into a movie…kinda like that Gwenneth Paltrow movie,’Sliding Doors’!
    I no longer have a remote as my thirteen year old lost it at a family camp when he went to get treats out of the car. I still have him and the car, so it was not worst case or anything! (perspective is everything, is it not?)
    Take extra good care. Hope you get to finish reading your book.


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