The plumber, the car and the sunset that was not meant to be seen

Last week, while my husband and I were strolling around Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a text message appeared on my iPhone.

The message read:

Hey, just so you know.
The sink is leaking all of the sudden.  So, don’t expect the sink to be empty on your return.  we don’t want to make it even leakier.

It’s always something, right?

So, I called the plumber and spent four hours this morning waiting for him to arrive.

The good news is that the sink is no longer leaking.  The bad news is that is cost me $60 to have the plumber gently tighten the hose back onto the faucet with his hand. A simple fix even a housewife should be able to do.  If only she knew what she was doing.

I decided that a sunset would make everything all right, so after work I grabbed the puppy and my keys and headed for the van.  The door did not open when I clicked my remote thingy.  (That’s the technical term for it.)


But okay.  So I put the key into the ignition and . . . you know where this is going, right?

NOWHERE.  Nowhere at all because the van wouldn’t start.

I immediately blamed the kids.  They carried groceries in last night . . . did they leave on a light?  Or leave a door open?

Luckily for the kids, none of them are only children, so they always have someone to blame . . . who knows what happened.

All I know is that the van won’t start.  It emits a sickly click-click-click-click while the lights try to glow.

My husband came home and asked for jumper cables and we risked our lives to connect battery to battery and . . . nothing.  What?  Jumper cables scare me.

Tomorrow, we will try to solve this problem.  I fear that it will cost money I don’t want to spend on cars.  I never want to spend money on cars.  Or plumbers.

I just hope there will another sunset since I missed the one tonight.






















This sunset was back in October . . . I missed the sunset tonight.  But you already knew that.



2 thoughts on “The plumber, the car and the sunset that was not meant to be seen

  1. I’m thinking it’s the alternator. Ours went out on our truck yesterday when Dear Hubby stopped at the post office on his way home from work. AAA was able to get it going with a jump, tho, and he was able to drive it to the mechanic. The battery is bad, too, which isn’t surprising. It’s a 95 and I don’t think we’ve replaced the battery in the 12 years we’ve owned it. That thing had a right to die, haha! But we’ll be $475 poorer when we pick it up. Ain’t that the way life goes? Sigh…. Let’s hope yours is an easier fix.


  2. I do hope you got your car started! That happened to us recently. Right when I needed to leave for somewhere important!

    I’m also hoping you’ll post about the nominated movies like you do… have you been able to see any of them?



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