Last night at 1 a.m., I wearily entered the kitchen so I could make a school lunch before falling into bed.  (As it turned 0ut, I really was catching a cold, so I was not imagining my fatigue.)

My son’s Physical Science textbook was sitting on the kitchen counter with a scrawled note from my 13-year old son:  “Please, this needs a book cover.  Thanks.  From your son, Zachary D. H.”

I love that kid.

So I made his lunch.

Then I cut apart a paper bag and created a sturdy book cover for his book.

Finally, I found a Sharpie marker and wrote “PHYSICAL SCIENCE” on the spine and front of the book.

And then I carefully wrote this note in big black letters on the bottom front of the book:
“My mom covered this book because she loves me.  My mom rocks.”

I wrote similar notes on the front and back inside covers.

I am pleased to report that my son’s science teacher asked him if his book was covered and then my son had to show the book cover to his teacher who was reportedly quite amused.

Ha ha ha.


7 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. Don’t ever wonder where he gets his silliness from – it’s his mom!

    When he is my age, just think how many, many times he will have told this – and similar stories – to his own children.

    You are filling his memory banks with good things. You DO rock!


  2. I taught high school English for 12 years – and a lot of that was 9th grade. We sometimes required book covers – and if the one you put together had come across my desk from a student? Well, I’d probably have made a parent call that afternoon to tell you that you’d made my day – week – month…my semester! You are an awesome mom – from you your kids will learn irony – humor – and whimsy…and they will be better people for it.

    And you really made a teacher’s day – congrats!


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