And today at the beach . . .


Seagulls fighting over an unopened package of Cheetos.  Seriously entertaining fun at the beach.

Things I did not do today:

1)  Write my annual Christmas letter.
2)  Cook any sort of meal.
3)  Find the sturdy green extension cords I know for a fact that I packed and moved to this house.

The end.

3 thoughts on “And today at the beach . . .

  1. What I wrote December 11 is true. It would be in keeping with the Christmas spirit for you to write a letter and send to your family and friends. Just a friendly reminder. You still have a few days…and I love your letters!


  2. The beach is good. It is a very good excuse for not doing anything at all. Especially there, where it is sunny and warm for most of the year. I think 2012 is going to be a good year.


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