Busy, busier and busiest

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this site in the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been busy.  (That is such an understatement.)

We had company for ten days.  My son’s girlfriend came to visit and brought along her 16-year old sister.








Then, a few days after they arrived, I abandoned everyone and went to New York on business.   New York is so beautiful during the holidays.  (My husband held down the fort at home.)








Over the course of three days, I slept a total of nine hours.  Before I left the city, I indulged in the Lunch of Champions.  What?  Cupcakes and Diet Coke . . . is there a problem?









A few days after I returned home, I took our visitors and my youngest kids to Disneyland.  Grace had so much fun taking pictures of the parade.  There were approximately EIGHT BILLION people at Disneyland.








Later, that Saturday night  . . . my husband brought home a new puppy.  I was in on the planning . . . but still.  So.  Much.  Work.











Who needs sleep?  Not Lola the Puppy.  At least not between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Our best night was last night . . . the puppy woke me at 3 a.m.  However, once delivered to the back yard, she just stretched and settled down on the patio.  I told her “go your job” and she just looked at me, so back to bed for me and crate for her.

She slept until 6:45 a.m., which was  Christmas miracle.  I took her outside and wrapped myself in a down comforter, curled onto the love seat on the patio and slept while the puppy ate and frolicked.  She came to the love seat and so I lifted her up and she snuggled right in and napped.

It’s ridiculous that I have been napping in my own back yard, wearing my nightgown, wrapped in a down comforter, but at this point, I will do most anything to sleep.

Now, I am off to procure a ham and other vittles for Christmas Day.

3 thoughts on “Busy, busier and busiest

  1. I KNEW there were reasons why you hadn’t blogged here for a while – but it was thoughtful of you to let us in on your latest activities.

    It is fun for me, in the midst of my boring days, to hear of your busyness. At least you don’t have to take Lola outside in freezing temperatures like we are having.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Mel, have a wonderful Christmas! I love your puppy! Lots of changes for you this year, praying next year you will finally settle in and “get more sleep” ha ha


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