Bah humbug

Hi.  So, my mom was here for two weeks.  (Hi, Mom!)  I took a little time off work, saw the sun set a few times, cooked a whole Thanksgiving dinner, dragged out the Christmas decorations and got my driver’s license.

I also managed to keep the kids alive, though one of them reportedly went to school wearing one black sock and one white sock.  He claimed that’s because he’s not racist but I think it’s really because I haven’t folded socks for awhile.

December starts tomorrow and I’m a little overwhelmed by the pace of life already.  Add in a Christmas brunch, various social obligations, creating Christmas magic for the kids and an upcoming ten day visit by more company . . . and I just want to take a long winter’s nap.

2 thoughts on “Bah humbug

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I hear you. But one VERY NICE thing I have planned this month is, weather permitting and she gets well before then, my Dear Hubby and I are driving over to Grand Rapids to meet Judy and her husband, to see Lake Michigan and do some SERIOUS thrift store shopping, haha! It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait! 🙂


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