Happy Thanksgiving!

I baked a pecan pie today.  I even made the crust from scratch.

I made a peanut-butter chocolate cream pie.  I chopped onions and celery and green olives because that’s what will go in my stuffing.  What?  You don’t put green olives in your stuffing?  You have no idea what you’re missing.

Tomorrow I will cook the Thanksgiving feast, though my 18-year old son will make the green bean casserole.

We’ll be using cloth napkins but only because I ran out of paper napkins.

My mother has been here for a week, which has been fun.  We’ve been having lunch out most days and have been to the ocean a couple of times to watch the sun set.  Today she chopped cranberries for the Cranberry Fluff she makes every year–I think we’re the only two who eat it, but she makes it anyway because it really wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

The past year has been full of craziness and stress and unexpected events and blessings.  I am thankful for all of it.  (Well, most of it.  Some of the stress was kind of . . . unwelcome.)

Mostly, though, I’m thankful for my family–especially my husband who has finally grown to appreciate stuffing with raisins and green olives in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Count your blessings . . . name them one by one.
























5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Reading this, I just realized that the first time I read your blog was on Thanksgiving. There was a picture in the post of Grace who was about 3, standing on a chair and stirring something. I don’t really remember much about the post, but I remember that I thought you and I were a lot alike, so I kept reading, and have been reading ever since. I think I found you through a comment you made on another blog, and then I found Judy through a comment she made on your blog. Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


  2. Sounds like something I might try, once. Just because I like you so much. But I have to admit that I may have thrown-up in my mouth just a little bit.


  3. My daughter-in-law LOVES to do Thanksgiving and I am more than happy at this stage in life to hand the reins over to her. But let me tell you another great Thanksgiving ‘oddity’ as far as the food goes. My d-i-l’s mom is from Germany and over there they stuff their turkeys with nothing but raw oranges. The first year d-i-l did that we were all a little skeptical but it makes for the BEST turkey in the world…soooooooooo moist and flavorful. When my mom was alive it was candied yams that were the ‘must have’ at our table, too. She and I were the only ones that ate them. Sadly, in 22 years since she passed away it’s a dish I’ve let slip by because no one else will eat them.


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