Free time. Ha ha. Ha.

My desk reflects the busy week.  It’s a haphazard jumble of paper stacks the used to make sense and random items that don’t belong to me including a broken cell phone and a Hello Kitty bracelet.

At least I unearthed the checkbook.

Last weekend (Thursday to Monday) a few relatives were here for a visit, so prior to Thursday was devoted to getting ready for company (even though they stayed in a hotel) while still keeping my regular plates spinning. Just one of my many party tricks!

And since they left, it’s just been busy.

If we aren’t driving kids to music lessons, we’re sitting on a field somewhere watching practice or a game.  We’re in meetings, coordinating schedules and working far too many hours.

My biggest achievement this week was ordering two cell phones to replace two broken phones (one due to overuse and one due to an encounter with the washing machine).  I spent an afternoon on the phone getting that arranged and I only wish I were exaggerating.  I spoke to four different people in three different departments.

But hey!  It’s Friday night!  Work’s done for the week and I get to sleep in tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be lovely, as usual, and someone else is cooking dinner tomorrow night.  Grace has a soccer game tomorrow afternoon and a birthday party on Sunday.

Now, to sleep to dream about free time.

2 thoughts on “Free time. Ha ha. Ha.

  1. Four different people in four different departments…and probably from four different countries, HA!!!!! Oh, the joys of trying to communicate in this world. I wonder if any companies out there realized how many of them I’ve quit doing business with, just for that fact. Or at least do LESS business with. Especially when you need tech advice and something that might take 20 minutes tops with an American English speaking person ends up taking an hour and a half with “Ryan” or “Lisa” from somewhere in Bangladesh or some other country on the other side of the world.

    Ok, enough on that subject.

    I hear you, I hear you, I hear you. And I, too, am glad it’s Saturday. I slept in until 5:30!!! Dear Hubby’s gone hunting for most of the day and I have maybe 8 delicious hours to myself. Tomorrow we’re going out to dinner with a group of people from the community church we’ve been attending so I won’t have to cook. The weekend is looking pretty nice so far at 6:30 am. Now to get my detested grocery shopping out of the way in a few minutes and I’ll be a happy camper…or is that camperette? LOL!


  2. I hate to start out trying to achieve anything, with people I’ve never met, over the phone. Arm self with strong coffee and chocolate, and maybe a feeder reader…..


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