Uncreative title on a Saturday night

We have out-of-town, in-from-Texas relatives visiting this weekend.

We dragged them all to watch Grace’s soccer game today.  We insisted that they stand on the beach and watch the sunset the other night.

Watching the Show

The womenfolk went shopping at the local outlet mall this afternoon while the menfolk cooked.

My husband (aka Tom Sawyer) managed to get the menfolk to cook dinner last night and tonight . . . which has involved a lot of meat, a lot of butter and some mustard greens.  And cornbread and sweet tea.

Even though they arrived on Thursday night, Grace and I still went to the San Diego Zoo Friday morning on a school field trip.  We did invite the relatives to join us, but they declined.  Nevertheless, Grace and I had a great time at the zoo and look forward to visiting it again.

We want to see this little guy again:

So, that’s how it’s been going.

Hope your weekend is going well!

Want some banana pudding that Grandpa made?  He used almost a cup of butter in the pudding alone . . .







(You don’t even want to know what we caught the tortoises doing . . . but if Grace asks, just tell her that tortoises OFTEN give each other piggy-back rides.)

3 thoughts on “Uncreative title on a Saturday night

  1. How do you put a cup of butter in banana pudding? Paula Deen loves butter – it must be a southern thing.

    But at least you had help (?) in the kitchen. That must have been fun – or did you have to do the clean-up?

    Good to hear from you and know of some of your activities. I know you keep super busy, but I’m always glad to read a blog from you.


  2. Our zoo excitement this week was watching Jack Hanna out in Muskingum County commenting on the escape of over 50 wild animals, loosed when the owner killed himself. Lions and tigers and bears. We’re not in Kansas any more, here in the Buckeye State.


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