This one is for you

So, one of my Facebook friends asked me, “Are you ever going to blog again?”

Has it really been that long? Well, here you go. I’m blogging.

I’m recovering from the World’s Worst Cold. I’ve been sick for a whole week now, gradually getting better. Everyone in our household has been sick except for my husband. He seems somewhat smug about avoiding the World’s Worst Cold. I hope he doesn’t get it because I will have to raise my left eyebrow at his smugness if he does start sneezing and coughing. And that just wouldn’t be very nice.

My daughter brought me a plastic sandwich bag tonight. It contains her tooth and the label, “Grace’s tooth.” She got tired of waiting for me to remember to do the Tooth Fairy duties and just asked me for the cash outright. That child makes me laugh.

I gave her a total of $1.10 in coins. Basically, all the coins in my purse except for the pennies.

Last week I took eight hours off from work. I’d originally intended to organize my garage, but instead I was sick. So I napped as much as I could. Waste of time!

And why am I concerned about my unpacked garage at this late date? Well, my in-laws are coming to town! And they must not be allowed to see the haphazard garage. So, I think I will block the doorway with laundry baskets. Except they probably should also not be allowed to see dirty laundry. Or the baskets that contain it.

On Sunday, we went to the beach where I managed to get my shins sunburned. My daughter found an unbroken sand dollar and I had a nice time visiting with a couple other moms. While we sat watching the sparkling blue ocean, dolphins danced through the waves. All in all, a pretty fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon in October especially since the kids were not swept away in a rip tide or snacked on by a shark.

Last Saturday was our neighborhood garage sale. And there I experienced my greatest frustration of the week when I spotted a patio table and chairs . . . literally seconds after some other guy spotted them. The set did not have a price tag, so I followed that other guy to the garage where I overhead him ask the price. How much? Thirty-five dollars! I was prepared to pay up to $100! The other guy said, “Would you take thirty?” and the garage sale guy said, “Okay.” I resisted the urge to walk up to the seller and say, “I would have given you fifty!”

But awhile later, I came across a new-looking white IKEA desk for $25. (Originally purchased for $200, the owner told me.) So I felt a little better about coming home without a patio table. I’d wanted to find a desk for my son.

In other news, my son pulled on his window blinds so hard the bracket broke and the blinds came tumbling down. Why? WHY? WHY?!!

Okay, so there you go. This one was for you, Kris. 🙂

6 thoughts on “This one is for you

  1. Why, thank you, Miss Mel! Thoroughly enjoyed that one! When one is busy it’s amazing how we get so taken up in the every day details of Life that weeks can go before the little light bulb goes off in our head with a “ding!” and we think, “My blog! Is it still there?!” LOL! Been there, done that so many times in the past year especially. So nice to hear your voice again, tho. I had a fellow blogger I’d never met before (who I recently found out lives here in Michigan only about 30 miles from me) over for dinner last nite and had the most wonderful time! We’ve been blogging buddies for 5 years, I think? She’s originally from Georgia and for some reason I still had it in my mind she lives there now, haha! We were both lamenting how neither one of us has the time to keep up with ours as regularly as we used to. When I finally have a chance again to sit down and write I’ll probably be 90 and too old to care!

    So sorry to hear you and the household have been so sick. GREAT news about the desk! I LOVE bargains like that! I went to a yard sale recently and got a Sony stereo, still in the box and still wrapped up in all its shipping egg-carton stuff, for $30 and it’s ended up being really NICE! Alison Krauss sounds more like an angel than ever! Take care…come back and visit a little more regularly if you can! 🙂

    (P.S This is for Judy because I know she’ll be here today, too: Girl, you’re NEXT!! She’ll know what I mean! ;-P Now, we just need to convince you to come to Lansing because that’s our halfway point, hahahaha!)


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