Saturday night live

Tonight, a brave older couple invited our whole family to their house for dinner.  She prepared meatloaf and twice-baked potatoes and corn–what a perfect meal for a family that includes three teenage boys–and then we all made our own ice cream sundaes.

Grace was delighted to feed their beagle Cheerios when the cute dog did tricks.

At the invitation of the gracious hostess–a former piano teacher–our guitar-playing son pulled out his guitar and wowed us with his fast finger picking.  Our piano-playing son played a rendition of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” and sang along.  The former piano teacher taught Grace a quick duet on the piano and they played together.

Not to be outdone, our non-musical son proclaimed his complete mastery of the recorder.  Not to be outsmarted, the host and hostess pulled out a plastic box containing a recorder.  The non-musical boy made a great production of preparing to play his instrument, including posing for pictures and proclaiming his own greatness.

Then he played a heartwrenchingly awful tune–I think it may have been Hot Cross Buns–and fell to his knees in a great show of emotion.

And we laughed, which only encourages him.  There is a reason this kid was nominated Class Clown in the school he’s only been attending for two months.

Funny boy.

2 thoughts on “Saturday night live

  1. And what did you and your husband do – was this an early trick-or-treat evening?

    Sounds like a fun evening – glad all the kids felt at home enough to enter in and perform – those are some fun times to remember.

    Way to go, Helms family!


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