This, that and the other thing

Since my last entry, these things happened:

1)  My husband arrived home for a less-then-48-hour visit.

2)  My twin sons turned 18.  This involved a lot of snack-food, a houseful of teenage boys and three games of Monopoly.

3)  My 13-year old played lacrosse in Gig Harbor.  This involved me navigating incorrectly around a traffic circle which resulted in a big loop-de-loop.  Also deja vu because, wait a minute, haven’t I been here before? I am ever grateful for my iPhone and the miracle of its internal GPS function which allowed me to conquer the traffic circle and end up at the lacrosse field.

It’s just too bad the team lost.  On the other hand, my daughter met a nice dog and spent a long time petting him.

4)  Saturday afternoon, I took my daughter and her little buddy to see the movie, “Rio.”

5)  Sunday, I took my daughter and her little buddy to the Puyallup Spring Fair where we mingled with approximately eight million other people.  The lines were too long for rides.  That is what happens when the sun finally shines here in the Northwest.

On the way home, we were stuck in inexplicable traffic . . . made explicable once I realized that the always sluggish intersection at 72nd Street and I-5 was made impossible by the traffic generated by the Grand Opening of the Winco grocery store.  What should have taken twenty minutes took an hour.

6)  Our loan was funded for the new house in California.  Which means that tomorrow we will be finally and officially “closed” on the house.  Or something like that.  I can only tell you that the process of providing the necessary paperwork for this transaction has been grueling and also painstaking and nitpicking.

7)  I shopped at Costco today.  As I waited for my total, I thought to myself, Well, this is more than a hundred dollars . . . probably about a hundred and fifty.

And my total came to $150 exactly.  Whoa.  I am an unintentional math genius.

* * *

(That picture at the top shows the house where I lived from the time I was five until I was eleven.)

4 thoughts on “This, that and the other thing

  1. Do you ever even have time to take a deep breath? I doubt it – reading this post makes ME want to take a nap; I am tired for you!

    A year from now when you are all settled into the new place, the new lifestyle, the new everything, perhaps then you can reflect on what it took to get you there – and finally relax a bit!


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