When you can’t find your shorts, look behind the chair

Tonight I was sitting in the rocking recliner in the family room, a place I rarely sit anymore.  If I’m not working at my desk, I’m upstairs.  But I was sitting downstairs in the family room tonight while chatting on the phone with my friend MaryKay.

As we talked, something caught my eye.  Puzzled, I stood, crossed the room and pulled that corner chair from the wall to reveal a hidden pile of clothing.

A quick examination revealed the pile to be my 13-year old’s stash of dirty clothes.

Apparently, he’s been getting dressed in the mornings in the family room–he’s the only one awake at that early hour–and he’s been discarding the shorts and t-shirts he wears to bed behind the chair, out of sight to everyone except an eagle-eyed person sitting in the rocking recliner.

Now I understand why he’s had trouble finding shorts to wear even though I’ve been keeping up with the laundry.

Kids are so weird.

2 thoughts on “When you can’t find your shorts, look behind the chair

  1. I cracked-up reading this because my kids are always out of socks(even though I keep up with laundry)and I find them shoved under couch cushions, in toyboxes, on top of the bone my dog likes to chew, on dolls feet, on my kitchen counter (ewwww), on the front porch, on the back porch, in backpacks, on kitchen chairs, under pillows, between books on the bookshelf, etc. I think you get my drift.

    Kids ARE weird. And mine are pigs. LOL


  2. My son always has candy wrappers under his pillow. Really? You can’t just throw them away because why?!? I think maybe we should just start charging the kids $1 for every item we find like this.


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