And today I redid the cushion on the piano bench

I have an old piano with an old decrepit bench.  The fabric had worn away and the children had picked at the deteriorating foam cushion and finally I had enough.

A few days ago I bought a slab of foam at Fred Meyer.

Today I bought a length of fabric at Value Village.

Tonight, I pried old staples and fabric from the wood.  I glued the foam on the board, then stapled on an old towel.  I topped that with the new fabric and then spent some time puzzling over the empty staple gun, retrieving more staples and then wondering why I couldn’t get the staples to discharge from the staple gun.  I did not curse or stab myself with a screwdriver or drive a staple into my eyeball.

Eventually, I prevailed.

I stapled the fabric on the board and finished the whole thing with the backing fabric.

So it looks better.

I also filled some half-filled paint cans with kitty litter so I can dispose of them.

I know!  You wish your life were this full of excitement!

The end.

2 thoughts on “And today I redid the cushion on the piano bench

  1. Is this all part of the fiction you were writing some time back? Sounds too unbelievable to be anything other than fiction – building and putting end tables together; moving tables and bookcases to the thrift store; taking beds apart and moving them out; now going into the upholstery business plus mixing old paint with kitty litter – you certainly ought to be proud of yourself for being so original! Get enough rest along the way, though, so you can keep your computer job, because if you were to lose it, it may be hard to get someone to seriously consider your resume, with all these varied activities listed.

    I’ll take my boring life, thank you just the same.


  2. about kitty litter in paint cans…..why do you have to do that? when i disposed of 37 various cans of paint from different eras (from mom’s house), the landfill had a special building i was to leave them at. maybe it is different where you are. just wondering.

    i can’t wait to read the next post….will she top the piano bench upholstering? we tried to upholster dining room chairs. my mom was super good at it, in fact, i remember a few pieces of furniture that she had done several times ( to match the paint) let’s just say i suck at it, and not looking to do any more of it in the future.

    make today GREAT~~ poet.


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