More notes from the most boring woman around

I wondered this afternoon if I will ever do anything again besides pack and clean, sort and purge, organize and rearrange.

I also thought how strange it is to live in limbo.  I feel myself withdrawing emotionally from my community and I’m not sure what to do about that.  I have no energy to care very much about it because I’m too busy deciding what can be donated to Value Village and what needs to be packed into a box.

I did manage today to finally move the extra moving boxes into the storage room so my living room looks more like a living room and less like a U-Haul truck.

That makes up for yesterday which felt like one-hundred percent work and yielded paltry results.  I was at the soccer field at 8:20 a.m. and the streetlights were still on.  My daughter’s team lost badly.

We went home and I went straight back to bed which was kind of awesome.  My toes thawed by the time I got up again.  A family friend took my two youngest kids to a movie, so while they were gone I ran some errands.  When we were all home again, I had to leave to pick up my teenagers.

Anyway, so the weekend’s over.

I wish we could get an extra hour of sleep every night.

3 thoughts on “More notes from the most boring woman around

  1. I find myself detaching from things here as well–my husband doesn’t get it, but I have to start saying goodbye now even though we aren’t moving till next summer–or I think I will lose my mind.

    And the clearing and sorting? Ick. Slowly but surely, I’m getting it done–and I do mean slowly.


  2. Almost two years ago we moved from a house we had lived in for 13 years. In packing I had three boxes going all the time; one for a yard sale, one for trash and one to pack up what was left. I purged a lot of things that we accumulated over the years. It felt SO good. At the same time, we were leaving a town that we lived in for 20 years and that we had raised all our kids in. Change is hard… but when the Lord is in it, it’s worth it. We sometimes don’t see what he has for us for a while…

    Brrrrr on the cold toes and early morning! That wouldn’t be my cup of tea at all! Sorry for your daughters loss!

    I hope that your day is going well today! Huggggggs


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