The Surreal Life

My husband came home from Texas today.  Tomorrow he is loading up all his clothes, shoes and personal effects so he can leave us early Saturday morning.

My house is in disarray because of the sorting, purging, organizing and packing that I’ve been doing.

We’re out of bread and milk.

I accidentally packed the book I wanted to read next.  (The Book Thief, recommended by Joshilyn Jackson!)  I finished Joshilyn Jackon’s Backseat Saints.  Fun and well-written book.

My daughter really really wants me to make caramel apples tomorrow.  And I should.  I wonder if I have the wooden sticks necessary?

My fingernails are nubs again.

I forgot to wash all my husband’s dirty clothes tonight.  Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?

Why don’t the kids ever put the ketchup back in the fridge?

My daughter also wants me to decorate for Halloween.  Maybe I’ll get that stuff out tomorrow.

Although going back to bed after taking her to school is also tempting.

All the details of life are an easy way to distract me from thinking about how long I’ll be separated from my husband.  We’ll see each other here and there, of course.  So, there’s that.

The kids and I will be moving in about 258 days.  Not that anyone’s counting.

5 thoughts on “The Surreal Life

  1. Sorting and packing and purging…oh my! I don’t envy those jobs at all. Moving is so hard. You will be glad for every bit of that you do now though. I’m sure you know that.

    I hope you did the apples. (That actually sounds really good right now.) Someday the stressful stuff will fade from your memory, but visions of a happy, sticky girl will likely live on 🙂


  2. ONLY 258 days left here? I’m going to go into mourning right away, if that’s the case.

    I’ve been keeping my distance, not that I want to, but only to give you time to do what you need to be doing. Let me help out with whatever will work best for you, okay? I could take kids to/from games, practices, etc. if that would help.

    Or, if you need someone to be on the sampling committee for your tasty treats, I could also be willing to do that!

    Even if you just want to hear an adult’s voice, you could pick me for that, too. I do know how to talk.


  3. Wow, big changes! I hope you have a good support system. Wonder what part of CA. It’s a diverse state. Bay area is beautiful…….loved Big Sur….


  4. Go find that box and dig out that book. The Book Thief was one of THE BEST books I’ve read all year. I absolutely loved it and recommend it to EVERYONE. It is amazing. Don’t let it get lost in the move. Happy reading!


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