Things I did last weekend

1)  Slept through husband’s departure for sunny southern California. (What?  We said goodbye the night before.)
2)  Drove to “away” soccer game and brought snacks (homemade brownies) and watched the game from under an enormous umbrella.  Daughter made 3 goals!
3)  Packed up all the board games we never play.  Two giant boxes worth!  Moved books, rearranged cupboards, added stuff to bag destined for thrift store.
4)  Delivered a teenage boy to his neighborhood, dropped off boxes at storage unit, picked up pizza from Papa Murphy’s.
5)  Visited with my mother while we ate pizza.  She said, “Where are those chairs from the living room?”  “I took them to Value Village.”  Alas, she loved those chairs, she wanted those chairs!  I had no idea.
6)  Collapsed and watched television until falling asleep.

1)  Skipped church.
2)  Cleaned out fridge.  Threw away pickles only husband likes.  Cleaned and chopped romaine lettuce.  Made Rice Crispy Treats.
3)  Went to Value Village where the nice man in the furniture area sold me back the chairs for the low, low price of $14.99 for both (one was priced $14.99 and the other was $19.99).  He thought I should talk to the manager but I declined because it felt too shady to me.  What’s to stop anyone from saying they donated something the day before and now wanted it back?   The original price for both chairs (and footstool) would have been $35, but with my discount card and the understanding employee giving me a special deal, I only paid $10.  Which still seems funny to me.
4)  Attended  a party celebrating the life of a soldier friend of ours who died on September 14, 2009, in Afghanistan.  He was killed by a bomb.  The party was such an amazing celebration of his life.
5)  Stopped by my mom’s house to deliver the chairs.  Picked up two of her chairs she was replacing with my chairs.   You should have seen the guy at Value Village today when I dropped off her two very similar chairs.  He recognized me, obviously, and must think I’m a lunatic.
6)  Watched “The Amazing Race.”
7)  Worked until 1 a.m.

The end.

3 thoughts on “Things I did last weekend

  1. The chair deal makes me laugh – even now, after sitting in one of my “new chairs” while watching TV. Think I’ll go to Valu Village tomorrow to see what “my” chairs are priced at. ha

    You pack so much into one week-end, or even one day – it’s enough to make a person crave sleep!

    Also to crave rice krispy bars!


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