The farewell tour, husband-style

October has arrived and that means soon my husband will depart.  He’s leaving on Monday for a quick visit to his family in Texas.  Then he’ll be here for one day.  The following day, he’ll load up our silly red Cadillac, turn right on I-5, drive 1,181 miles, and exit from I-5.

This has been the longest, slowest transition in history and so until he actually loads up the Cadillac and drives away, there’s a part of me that simply doesn’t believe this is really happening.

(January to October is nine months, the usual incubation period of a pregnancy.  Coincidence?  Probably.)

As part of his farewell tour to Washington state, he’s taking our daughter to her soccer game tomorrow morning.  They have to arrive at 8:30 a.m.  (ON A SATURDAY!  Hello, soccer-game-schedulers . . . are you aware that Saturday is meant for sleeping in?)

Anyway, I deeply appreciate this gesture from my husband.  I hope to be snoring at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

I have been practicing being the only adult in the house.  Tonight, for instance, I killed a spider with nothing but my slipper-covered foot.  (And then I made a teenager pick up the spider carcass with a napkin and throw it away because I am scared of spiders, even if they are pre-squished.)

Only nine and a half months to go.  Send Raid Max.  And cookies.  (I prefer homemade chocolate chip with walnuts.)

4 thoughts on “The farewell tour, husband-style

  1. I agree with Judy. I remember back in 1969 when my dad was trying to get reinstated in to active duty in the Army and was sent back to Ft. Belvoir in Virginia for 6 months. My mom manned the ship alone and I have to give her credit…she managed very well, considering she didn’t even drive! We all survived. You will, too. And here’s another cyber-hug for you: (((((HUG)))))


  2. Not that you need reminding, probably, but let me remind you…….

    For 16 years while your maternal grandfather traveled across 5 states representing his church, his wife – your grandmother – practically raised 5 sons and 1 daughter mostly by herself. The fact that 4 of those boys turned out to be ministers themselves, and 1 of them has authored at least 11 books goes to show the good influence she had on their children – and even though their daughter – your mother – made a mess of her life (but she’s going to make it!!!) it was mostly Mother’s prayers that carried us through.

    While I know you will have long, tiring hours as you shoulder the added responsibility now of being the only in-house parent, please know you don’t have to carry the burden alone. Follow your grandmother’s habit of crying out to God for His help, and His comfort and grace will sustain you.

    And when all else fails, simply call your mother – she could bake some of those chocolate chip cookies you mentioned…….


  3. MichaelsMommy makes the best chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. If nothing else, you ought to swing by on your way down south and pick some up. And as for spiders, we’re right there with you. We heard there’s an unusually large glut of spiders this year, and we PNW people know how they like to string their massive orbs right along walkways. Fun.

    Hang in there!


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