The past few years, we’ve vacationed at the ocean.  Some friends have a cabin we can rent.  While the water’s too cold and treacherous for swimming, the shore stretches miles either way and when the clouds part, we’re treated to the sun setting over the horizon.

My daughter has been asking if we’re going anywhere and finally, I mentioned that we’ll be heading to the ocean in a few weeks.

She immediately started packing.

She started with stuffed animals.

Then she packed all her good underpants and most of her summer clothes.

She ran out of room, so she dumped out her school backpack and filled it.  With something.

Then she retrieved her backpack from kindergarten.

Still not satisfied that she had enough stuff, she asked me for a bag.  I gave her a smallish backpack.  She packed it full.

Anticipation is half the fun and she has embraced it with her whole self.

Too bad she can’t find a thing to wear.

2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Ha! I feel the same way. I love being excited about something coming up (especially a vacation!). I don’t pack quite so early but I definitely understand the desire.


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