When she’s not sobbing, she likes to swing

Today the temperature reached over 75 degrees for the first time in ten thousand over two hundred days.

Today was the fourth day of Summer NoBreak.

Today the Slip-n-Slide ripped.

Today my teenagers slept until 2 p.m.

Today I couldn’t remember what day it was.

Today I went to the post office.

Questions I am sick of hearing:

“What can I eat?”

“Are we going anywhere today?”

“Why can’t I go with Zach?”

“What can I eat?”

“What can I eat?”

“Can I have a Kit-Kat?”

3 thoughts on “When she’s not sobbing, she likes to swing

  1. Talking about losing track of the days…on Tuesday around 3 in the afternoon my Dear Hubby stopped and looked at me and said, “Isn’t today our anniversary?” We had both completely zoned it. Oh well. We just laughed. 36 years.


  2. This is why I advocate year-round school. And for the teenagers, military school. I’ve threatened ours with that more than once.


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