Book Tour: Stuff Christians Like

Have you seen the website called Stuff Christians Like?

(The following description is directly from the site.)

Does the stuff we like, ever get in the way of the God we love?

That’s the question Stuff Christians Like is all about.

It’s also about booty, God, booty.

And surviving church as a single adult.

And knowing how metrosexual your worship leader is.

And how serious, a serious Wednesday can be.

And hilarious/insightful comments from readers around the world.

And how laughter is a gift from God and when we refuse to accept it, it makes Him want to take it back. Like the unicorns.

Started on March 21, 2008 as a reaction to the wildly popular blog Stuff White People Like which was created by Christian Lander, Stuff Christians Like is a blog about the funny things we Christians do. And what they just might reveal about our faith.

The site is written by Jonathan Acuff, a preacher’s kid/copywriter who lives in Atlanta with his wife and two kids.

The most popular post on the site is “Pastor’s Kids Gone Wild.”  Just in case you wondered.

Anyway, the author of the site, Jonathan Acuff, wrote this book called . . . wait for it . . . Stuff Christians Like.  And I received a free copy to review . . . so I was all prepared to skim through it quickly so I could get the gist of it . . . and then before I knew it, I was trying to explain it to my husband.  I flipped through some pages and came upon a section that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t speak.  No exaggeration.  I didn’t even get to read the whole book before I wrote this post because my husband TOOK MY BOOK.  (I got it back, though.)

So, based on that moment of hilarity, I heartily recommend this book.  Only, if you didn’t grow up in church or if you aren’t involved in church now, you might not “get” it.  I’m not sure.  If you check out the site and find it amusing or thought-provoking you’ll like this book.

You can buy it here.  (Less than ten bucks!)
You can “Like” Jonathan on Facebook here.
You can follow him on Twitter here.
You can read what others bloggers said about this book here.

I like this book.  And I’m not just saying that because I got a free review copy.

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