Proof of my love

Because I deeply love my children, I will be appearing in a bathing suit at Wild Waves tomorrow even though the high temperature is expected to reach only 73 degrees.

Sometimes, I remember that I am a supporting cast member in the story of my children’s childhoods.  True, I am the star in my own life and believe me, if tomorrow were about me, I would lounge around reading a book, not schlepping up a set of stairs with a giant inflatable raft balanced on my head or shivering around the “Lazy River” attempting to avoid the waterfalls.  Tomorrow, I will be appearing as “Mother” in their memories.  And I’m pretty sure that my current weight will not be the thing they remember.

Then again, maybe it will and I will be mortified in twenty years when my grown children say, “Oh, remember the time Mom took us to the waterpark and she was SO FAT?”  And then they will make faces of disgust and I will be mortified.

But I hope they will only remember having fun.

5 thoughts on “Proof of my love

  1. If it’s any consolation, here’s what my kids remember from my ‘fat’ days…the fact that I had such a hard time tying their shoes when they were little because it took so much effort to bend over. That’s it. That was around 25 years ago. And I weighed 220 at the time.


  2. Love this post… but most of all I am jealous of the fact that the high was 73 degrees. Here in AZ (othewise known as hell) it was almost 110 degrees! Ugh.


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