A little bit about books and movies

So, my teenagers are back from camp. Lots of laundry, empty gallons of milk.

I finished reading Life of Pi.  Have you read it?  A 16-year old boy alone on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean . . . with a 450 pound Bengal tiger.  Preposterous plot, excellent read.  I loved it.

Now I”m reading I am Legend because I found it for $2.00 at Half-Price books and after seeing the Will Smith movie of the same name, I wanted to read the book.  As it turns out, the book and movie have little in common.

I spent my entire sunny Sunday editing, sorting, uploading and ordering digital prints.  I had neglected that task since . . . uh, 2007.  March of 2007, to be more specific.  I found the whole ordeal rather confusing since I have failed to keep my photos in order.  However, working backwards and working forwards, I believe I can now document half of 2008, all of 2009 and parts of 2007.  What a mess.  I’ll be glad when I can file the prints in chronological order.  Sadly, I will never get this gloriously sunny day back.

Yesterday, I had the thrill of running errands BY MYSELF.  I went to the Dollar Tree, Half-Price Books, Once Upon a Child, Costco, a movie and then Fred Meyer . . .I am easily soothed, as it turns out.  Just give me a day without a six year old. . .

Let me tell you that Jodi Picoult’s book, My Sister’s Keeper, was poorly translated to film.  Oh, how I hate to tell you that–I had such high hopes for that book.  I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who has yet to see it, so I won’t say more.  But.  I was disappointed.  (However, an afternoon at the movies is never a total loss, if you ask me.  I love seeing movies in the theater, even bad ones.)

I always wonder how authors feel about their stories being mangled during filming.  I remember asking Nicholas Sparks about that issue and he said he didn’t care, really, essentially.  I wonder if all authors feel like that.  Any authors want to chime in?  (Ha ha, as if.)
The End.

(See how choppy that was?  Choppy in a movie is not good.)

9 thoughts on “A little bit about books and movies

  1. That’s why I won’t go see “Shutter Island” when it comes out. THAT was one of the creepiest books I’ve ever read – and loved! And don’t bother reading Jodi’s newest book, “Handle with Care”…I have never been so disappointed in a book by her ever. I’d say the only movie I’ve ever seen that lived up to the book was “To Kill a Mockingbird.”


  2. I got to hear Yann Martel speak at the Calvin conference last spring. Very interesting guy. Pi is on my TBR list, which isn’t shrinking fast at all, with so much reading about special ed and communication stacked on top.


  3. My son had Yann Martel autograph a copy of “Life of Pi” for him at Calvin.

    Sadly, it was the only book I had in hand when I was donating plasma. It was during the bloody scene with the zebra. I felt I had nowhere to look that wasn’t bloody. Bleeeech. Fantastic book though, there is none other like it!


  4. “My Sister’s Keeper” is one of my favorite books ever, and I’ve heard they changed the ending for the movie (which misses the point!) – I’m sure I’ll be disappointed in the movie, but given my love for Jodi Picoult I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay away

    I’m very shocked and saddened to hear that an author doesn’t care if the movie mangles their story! What does that mean, that as long as they get the money they don’t care what happens? So sad…

    Also, I just finished “Handle with Care” over the weekend and I loved it….until the ending which left me cold rather than sad or shocked. I’ve already said how much I love Jodi, but is she slipping into a formula?


  5. I cannot believe that they changed the ending to “My Sister’s Keeper”! It was one of my favorite books and I am now contemplating even going to see it! Grr…

    I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time today… I will be back to visit! 🙂



  6. just finished Saint Maybe. loved it, so thank you. =)

    and i read two picoult books: the tenth circle and nineteen minutes. both were good. you might like the 10th circle better, i’m thinking.

    i haven’t read the life of pi but i have always wanted to.


  7. I just read “Life of Pi” too. It was great and I have thought a lot about the ending since finishing it about three weeks ago. I would love to know what you thought about they way it ended.


  8. I just read “My Sister’s Keeper” too. Don’t think I’ll see the movie. The book was a hard read for me, having a child with a life-shortening illness. The worldview of the child disturbed me. So callous and fatalistic. I know several families who have a child who has gone through cancer. Their faith and trust in God are much more uplifting than this book.


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