Sleepwalking and rain

At about 10:00 p.m., I was sitting here at my desk in the family room which is adjacent to the kitchen.  Working, as usual.  I heard footsteps come down the stairs–they sounded more like my son than my husband, but then the front door opened.  Oh, I figure, in that half-paying-attention way, must be my husband retrieving something from the car.

Then, the door opened and my 6-year old daughter walked back inside, into the kitchen and headed straight for the refrigerator and opened it.  I jumped up, realizing that she must have gone outside and furthermore, that she must be completely asleep.

“Are you sleeping?” I said to her and as I approached, she started to take off her pajama shirt.  I said, “Hey, look at me.  Are you awake?”  She started to cry a little, so I picked her up, told her she was asleep and took her upstairs.  She was shaking when I put her into bed, then she asked to use the bathroom.  As she sat there I said, “Did you go outside?” and she couldn’t answer.  I think she was still asleep.

I put her back to bed and deadbolted the front door!  The very idea that she would do such a thing scared me silly.  At least she can’t quite maneuver the deadbolt.  And I suspect that if the lights in the whole house were off, she would just come into my room, even if she were sleepwalking.

* * *

Meanwhile, the rain continues to fall here in the Pacific Northwest.  A few weeks ago, we had record cold temperatures and an unusual amount of snow.  Now, we’re having more rain than a region should be allowed to have.  (I think this much rain might be illegal.)  A bunch of rivers have overflowed their banks, people are being evacuated and I’m going to build an ark.

10 thoughts on “Sleepwalking and rain

  1. Hours ago, I heard a loud crash outside my window. Knowing it was raining and blowing, I assumed the artificial flowers on my deck’s table had blown over. When I looked out, much later, I saw what had blown over – a big shelf had fallen – but the pile of weeds and leaves I had left, hoping for winds to remove – – – it was right where I left it! In addition to Ark Building, do you know how to harness the wind so it will move the right things?


  2. We put security chain locks up high on all our doors because our daughter was a sleepwalker when she was younger. She never tried to get outside, but I was afraid the deadbolt wouldn’t be enough to stop her if she did.


  3. Hi there! I am a long time reader but never commented but as I was listening to that extreme weather you are having out there and about the evacuations I thought of you and wanted to check in. I see you are ok however that sleepwalking story just scared the pants off me. I just can’t imagine. I pray the weather lets up and you and your family stay safe!!! God Bless!!


  4. Wow scary. We had a neighbor who’s little boy was a sleepwalker. He got outside once and walked down the street to his best friend’s house, rang the doorbell, and asked if his friend could come out to play. The dad of his friend realized he was asleep and told him to come inside and that Tommy would be right down to play. Freaked out everyone!
    Fortunately he grew out of the sleepwalking and they put chain locks up high because he was able to undo the deadbolts.


  5. I used to sleepwalk and go outside when I was a little kid, too. It didn’t last very long; I think it was a product of a rapidly-growing brain or something like that. I’d like to think that, anyway.

    All the same, deadbolting is a good idea, even if you don’t have a sleepwalker.


  6. Good thing you were working! That’s kind of scary.

    We have bright sunshine and nary a raindrop in our neck of the PNW today. Makes the news stories about flooding and road closures seem quite surreal.


  7. Oh my. Hugs to you about the sleep walking and the cold rain.

    I was a sleep walker as a child. It used to frighten my parents a bit, but I remember my siblings finding it utterly hilarious.

    My dad did what you…spoke to me gently, and helped me back to bed. I think I stopped by the time I was 11 or 12.

    As for the rain and cold. Yikes! I hope things settle down there soon. Rain is a good thing, but I have to agree with you that too much is illegal.


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