Perpendicular Universe

My husband and I are living in perpendicular universes.  Not parallel, but perpendicular.  While he arises the second the alarm rings and leaves the house by 6 a.m., I drag out of bed as late as possible, which means 8 a.m. on a school day.  He telephones me every afternoon, exclaiming how fast the day has gone, how many meetings he’s been in, how many people he’s talked with, how busy he’s been.  “And how are you?” he says, “Anything exciting?”

And every day my answer is the same:  “No.”  My day is dragging.  I am dragging.  I am in slow-motion, barely creeping through life.

I begin working at about noon each day and my job responsibilities are routine.  I seldom interact with my co-workers since I am a “remote” employee.  I am seriously boring and oftentimes, bored.

My husband, on the other hand, is very engaged in his job and often has stories to tell about crazy stuff that has happened at work.

And for the past two hours, he’s been sound asleep while I’ve been working.  He’ll call me in twelve hours, shocked at how quickly his morning slipped away and I will tell him that nothing much has happened, unless you count laundry.

* * *

Last night, I put away the Christmas decorations.  My grandmother used to just put her fully decorated tree in a closet until the next Christmas.  I have a great aunt who is rumored to leave her tree up until Valentine’s Day–but I’m not sure if that’s true or just a fanciful story I made up in my head.  Have you undecorated?

12 thoughts on “Perpendicular Universe

  1. Yes, all “un-decorated” thank-you but like you I’m having tremendous difficulty getting up at a reasonable hour. I’m on holidays and have lots to do at home before I go back to work full time as a teacher in a few weeks (when the Australian school year starts). But by the time I get up each day it is too hot to do anything so I end of ducking in and out of the air conditioning all day.


  2. We have not undecorated, because we don’t do it until after Epiphany. We like dragging out Christmas. Also? We are lazy.

    Besides, because I was convinced I was going to have my second baby three days after Christmas, we only put up a tree. And God laughed at my plans. I am still pregnant. You do the math. Therefore, the tree can just stay there until Easter for all I care.

    Oh, and you? Are not the most boring person. I am. I claimed that title a few days ago. I have talked about nothing but this pregnancy and my interminable wait for WEEKS. Boring. And kinda whiney.



  3. We undecorated last week – small house, so I’m always happy to get the stuff put away and my space back. Do you interact with anyone by IM? I find it’s the next best thing to face to face interaction – I’m on aol instant messenger whenever you’re up for a chat – ymi717 – that’s me!


  4. During the unexpectedly long holiday break from school, it was either undecorate or burn the house down as an excuse to get out of it. I opted for the undecorate. This time.


  5. nope, i’m procrastinating…which is sad because all i have is a tiny tree that we keep decorated and simply throw a garbage bag over and haul upstairs. but that would require work and ummmmm…no thanks!! 😉


  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I live in both your universes. I wonder how that happened! Anyway, Last ear the tree was up until Valentine’s day and it’s only a foot tall! This year, I put it up on New Years day.


  7. My husband undecorated the Sunday after Christmas because he stayed home from church with sick kids. I had responsibilities at church and thus needed to be there. I had no say in the undecorating department. I did, however, just finish finding homes for all the new toy acquisitions.


  8. I undecorated last Friday, which is a bit early for us. I like to leave things up until the 6th, but since I had to start working again on the 5th (I’m a work-from-home-mom, too), I decided I’d feel better if everything was put away. I guess I feel better. I often get very bored with living and working in the same place, and envy my friends that have real jobs and get to dress up. I wish I had an office that didn’t have piles of grocery receipts, menu plans, birthday cards to be mailed, JCPenney coupons strewn about. I fear that someday a client will end up with my Kohl’s bill instead of their personal invoice.


  9. We’ve done the lazy and depressing version of undecorating: the ornaments are off the tree, the lights are down, and everything is in boxes at the top of the stairs. The tree still sits, unaware it has lost its glory.


  10. I take the tree down on Jan 1. We’re still corralling a few rouge books, but we’re done. I LOVE taking the tree down to start the new year.


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