A look back

A review of my blog reveals that I have been a rotten blogger this past year.  Good thing I don’t charge admission or I’d have to close the thing down, considering the economy and all.

Seriously.  Where else can you read this stuff?

For instance, here’s what happened when I did the laundry a little too efficiently

Then, my grandmother died.  She’s just turned 102, but still. Gooseberries remind me of her. I thought about my own life while packing her stuff into boxes

Weirdly enough, I dreamed about swimming with walruses

I contemplated my own mortality.  I missed the old days when my kids were little.

Then I ranted a little about the habit my family has of opening more than one container of EVERYTHING. I made a public service announcement about killing fruit flies.

I lamented my tendency to speed through life – of maybe I was complaining about how slow everyone else is.

And I ended the year with the realization that my life is more about being stripped than being accessorized.

This year, I started working full-time from home.  I traveled to New York City on business, then to California for a writing conference.  My husband spent a long weekend with college buddies in Michigan.  My teenagers turned 15, my younger son turned 10 and my daughter turned 6.  I had a tooth pulled.  My husband resigned from our church and started a new job.  I read a lot of books, saw a lot of movies, sat by the pool as much as possible.  I had some writing published, gained weight and grew my hair long.

Happy New Year!  May your year be free of fruit flies (but if it’s not, you know what to do).

6 thoughts on “A look back

  1. I suppose you are rotten if you are comparing yourself to some one who has lots of time to sit around and do nothing but blog.

    But seeings how you are not one of those people you have done very well in posting and have entertained me more then once.

    And I for one look forward to many more visits here.


  2. Hi. Can I ask what kind of work you do at home? Is is telemarketing? I have lost my job so I am looking for ideas. thanks.


  3. your blog is great!! i love coming here every day and catching up!! you did great and i look forward to more great posts this coming year!! take care!!


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