I will never win the Mother-of-the-Year award, alas

When my parents were my age, I was in college.  I met my husband when my parents were my age.

At my age, I live with four kids who aren’t even remotely close to being college material.  My daughter is only six.  My teenagers are fifteen but I cannot even imagine them driving a car, let alone attending college or answering to a boss.  I know things will change and they will mature and grow up and, hopefully, move out.

But in the meantime, I’m worn out from their company.  An extrovert who finds refreshment in the company of many fellow human beings might find herself energized living in this house with its constant stream of neighborhood kids, not to mention the five other people who live here and who can’t seem to return return any item to its rightful home.  (For instance, at a glance, I can see shoes and a random chopstick and a crocheted afghan and an empty water bottle.)

People wear me out, even people that are related to me.

These are the thoughts of a mom on the second week of Winter/Christmas vacation.  The week prior to “vacation” were complicated by snowfall, so my daughter hasn’t been to school in three weeks.  I’m not sure who missed it more–me or her.

I feel pretty terrible about feeling so wiped out.  Did Ma Ingalls ever lose her cool when Mary and Laura got on her nerves?  Did Mrs. Cunningham complain about the Fonz popping in to see Richie too often?  Did Mrs. Cleaver ever roll her eyes at Eddie Haskell?  Did Mrs. March ever scream her head off because Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy would not stop bickering?

No.  No, no and no.  But I have felt trapped and delirious and screamy at my kids and my life and my house.  Especially since I told Sugar we can no longer be friends.  (“And take your cousin, White Flour, with you!”)

* * *

On another abrupt note, I saw “The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button” today.  The movie was really good, beautifully filmed and acted and all that.  You really need a “willing suspension of disbelief.”  (I fixed that sentence thanks to Julana.)  I did enjoy it, though.  However, I read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald the other night–I skimmed it to see the plot–and it was so vastly different that I kind of regret having done so before the movie.  The short story and the movie shared only one or two points:  a character name and the idea of aging backwards.  (The synopsis and link to the story can be found here.)

My husband and I saw “Valkyrie” the other night with Tom Cruise.  We liked it, too.

Both movies were free of cursing (maybe one or two mild expletives) and nudity (except for one bare bottom), but subject matter is not for children, in my opinion.

And now, I’m going to put my 6-year old to bed.  Hooray.

6 thoughts on “I will never win the Mother-of-the-Year award, alas

  1. Hang on. Trust me on this one.

    Someday, you WILL get that quiet house again, and you will LOVE IT!

    Only then, different things will annoy you.

    Like last night, I wanted to ask my husband if he ALWAYS sneezed so loud, or am I just noticing it because it’s so quiet here now.


  2. You mean “willing suspension of disbelief.”

    The absence of foul language is a plus, any more. I saw one movie in the theater over the break, and the bad language was one element that ruined it for me.
    Where is the creativity?


  3. I always feel guilty for not wanting all the kids in the neighborhood at our house, but it’s likely because I too am an introvert – people absolutely wear me out after small doses.


  4. I read your blog, I dont know if I’ve commented before, it’s usually from my google reader. But… I just had to say your not alone. My kids have been home since Dec 12. Due to ice/snow storms. I am so excited for them to go to school tomorrow, them and all their friends. 🙂 YAY!


  5. hey mel, please note the new e-mail address, thanks. btw, i want to see that Tom Cruise movie!! should I go see it?? I will leave Pumpkin_seed at home if I do. Pumpkin_seed was supposed to go back to school today, but they called school off cause of this lovely Michigan weather!! I live about where your middle finger knuckle is or right around there 😉 lots of ice!!


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