With Skin On

You know that old joke, about the fearful child who says he/she wants God with skin on?

I am so lonely for a friend with skin on.  I have so many friends across the country, blog-related and other, but no one here with skin on.  I am in such desperate need for a long girlfriend conversation, the kind where you have to take a bathroom break halfway through to pee because you’ve had so much coffee or Diet Coke.  I want to be able to speak freely, without reservation, without wondering if my words will be used to judge me or hurt me or gossip about me.

It was a lot easier making friends in high school and college.  Now?  Now it seems like everyone is rushing around the track in their own lanes and there’s no time, no way, no how.

14 thoughts on “With Skin On

  1. Oh Mel! I know how you feel! I REALLY need to talk through how I’m going to cope with 2009 with someone who knows me.
    We need the village. Not only to raise the children but to be a support for the mothers.


  2. I don’t know where time has gone. The older I get, the busier I get. I have no time for myself let alone friends or extended family. It’s just a part of the times we live in, I think. We’re so connected technologically but we become more isolated physically because of it.


  3. I’m in your camp – I know a lot of people, but very few that would be there “just because”. I totally understand what you mean – as kids, friends were the “be all and end all” of our existence. Now, everyone is so wrapped up in their lives – and their families, that they put friends at the bottom of that list. I keep telling myself that life is too short to just let go by without connecting with others – and not just on the surface, but really getting to know someone. In fact – I guess I never really had a friend like that – a best friend – in the true sense of the word. I’ve always thought that if the Pacific Northwest was just outside Chicago, we would be friends. The kind that would talk for hours


  4. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. I just need girlfriends.. or a girlfriend.. not in a weird way but in an “i really need to connect” sort of way


  5. I think I do better with cyber friends because I’m weird. I am. I admit it. And, I’m poor.

    Actually, my husband is my best friend, but he is driving me crazy lately and really, it’s hard to talk to a man about how strange he is. Of course, he would say – well you drive me crazy too – and then where would we be?

    Could you email me your address? I have something I would like to send you.


  6. I am actually doing a “Ladies Night In” at my house on Saturday because I can not remember the last time I spent time with too many of my friends. Since I live in Southern California, you were not invited but you could steal my idea and invite in the people you find interesting to talk to and not worry if any one knows each other. Lots of fun and usually all I need to do is clean the 1st floor of the house. Most people ask if they can bring anything so I let them.


  7. i love you so…my dear, college, friend! i agree…friends with skin on are fewer and farther between sometimes. you are one of my friends with skin on, and shall always be! i think we need to rendezvous somewhere with diet coke AND coffee…and can we fit in at least one creme brulee??? hey! it’s our birthday month!!!! =)


  8. i SOO understand you on this…i’m am right there with you. and if we were neighbors, my house would be a mess and my blog would never get written b/c we’d be taking pee breaks from the diet coke.


  9. Mel,
    Last time I checked, I have skin…on…right now…
    …more drama in my life… the last daughter left home…unhappily…more drama…with skin on…
    Call me or email at my new email (heavenwith7@gmail.com). I could use someone else’s drama for a change.


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